Online roulette is one of the most popular games in online casino

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Online roulette is one of the most popular games in the online casino PIN UP. There are many reasons for the popularity of the game and one of them is the simplicity of the rules. So, the game online roulette passes at a table with a spinning drum and numbered sectors of different colors. The task of the game is to guess which particular sector will stop the ball. If you can do this, a cash prize is charged. If not, the bet is considered losing. We’ll talk more about the features of the roulette in the article.

Rules for the game in the roulette in the PIN UP casino

Despite the simplicity of the rules, players need to take into account several nuances. One of them is that this is an absolutely unpredictable game, the outcome of which is unrealistic to predict. If you play roulette for money, this must be taken into account, since you can face strong financial risks. If you know the rules, you can win more often and increase the size of the winnings.

Players can bet on sectors on the table. One of the features of the roulette is that you can put money at once by several sectors. This of course affects the payment factor, but makes it possible to make a profit. Also on the game field are additional sectors. For example, for all black or zero. This indicates the presence of combined and additional bets.

In the online roulette, the payment is calculated taking into account two factors: the size of the rate and the coefficient assigned to the sector. The least payment is supposed to be red or black for rates – the coefficient in this case 1 to 1.

Roulette is based on a cyclic principle. it Pin Up Casino App So that as soon as the ball stops at a certain sector, then the bets are updated and the game begins with the new round. It is necessary to take into account the variations of roulette – the structure of the game and the rules depend on them. 3 main variations of roulette are available in PIN AP: European, French and American.

Pin-up casino

Varieties online roulette in Pin Up Casino

Each of the above varieties of roulette has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, they should be considered more details:

– European. The structure provides for 36 numbered sectors and one zero sector (painted green). This variation is considered classic due to the simplicity of the rules.

– American. This variation is partially similar to European, but has differences in the structure. They affect the presence of a double sector Zero 00. This increases the return of the game. This type differs from others also by the presence of a track with oral rates and other numbers.

– French. Playing this type of roulette is most exciting, since it provides for a number of features. So, rates are accepted only before rotating the wheel. You can also make oral rates. Separately, it is worth noting the special rules of French variation. For example, if the ball stopped at Zero, only 50% is paid from the rate.

Even taking into account certain features, the principle of the game remains the same – to make a bet and start the rotation of the wheel. Casino Pin AP users are available additional variation of the game, namely Live Roulette. Its key feature is that the gameplay is controlled by a real dealer. In addition, you can only play for real money.

Select a variation of roulette to players should take into account personal preferences. It will be useful to first play online roulette for free. For this, a demo mode is provided in which virtual coins are used for bets. After that, you can proceed to the game for money and gradually increase the size of bets.